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Executive & Committees- The third Monday of every month at 6 p.m

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6 p.m. 

California Hawaii State Conference

I hope you will join us!

The 34th Annual California Hawaii NAACP State Convention will be held virtually October 22-24, 2021. Our convention will bring together long-time NAACP members, supporters, and Youth & College units for collaborative and engaging sessions on topics that impact the African American community and other communities of color.

Most of the issues under discussion are at the forefront of our mission to make effective change while building back political power and fight for the wellbeing of Black Community while engaging and preparing our Youth & College for the work that will be the foundation for the next generation NAACP Leadership.

 Sessions will include: Economic Inclusion and Financial Health, COVID and its Impact on our Community, Criminal Justice, Civil Rights and Technology, Cancel Student Debt, Environmental and Climate Justice, Next Gen Leadership, and many more. The sessions will be hosted by leading activists from throughout the nation, NAACP Leaders, and our young Leaders within the Youth & College units. You will get the chance to see some of our best ACT-SO performances, elected officials, and an one of a kind Sunday church experience, not to be missed!

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Criminal Justice, Education, Healthcare, Economic Development, and Environmental and Climate Justice.

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Third Monday of the month
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Fourth Monday of the month 
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